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On-site support for problems caused by defects in the Software is provided by the Contractor, at the Contractor’s discretion, only if on-site service is guaranteed for benefit or technical assistance.
Where geographically available, ordering activity can be selected from the following coverage levels:  Onsite Support 8×5 – Onsite technician support provided during Standard Business Hours. 24×7 Onsite Support – Onsite technician support is provided twenty-four (24) hours per day, seven (7) days per week for Severity 1 and Severity 2 failures and during Standard Business Hours for all other onsite support.
The scope of On-Site Support includes the following services:  If we determine that the fault cannot be resolved remotely and on-site intervention is required, we will dispatch our field technical resources or designated resources to return the Supported Product to operational condition, including parts replacement parts if needed. Installation Installable updates (Product Correction Notice (PCN), software or firmware updates or minor service packs).

The Benefits of Onsite Support

What exactly is onsite IT support? Simply put, it is an IT service provider that has an existing network of technicians that can support localized IT challenges and helps manage different areas of an organization’s IT solution, including break/fix support, assistance with special IT projects, cabling, and more.

There are several benefits to outsourcing some or all of your IT solution, and in this blog post, we will cover the top four advantages of onsite IT support and how it can help your business succeed.

1. Improve Efficiency

There are several options when it comes to onsite IT support and most managed service providers give you the flexibility to choose which services are best for your specific IT goals. For example, if you are needing assistance with setting up a new office location, on-demand dispatch – where an IT resource is dispatched for a set amount of time or for a specific project – would be a good option, whereas if you need extensive IT support multiple times a week, recurring onsite services would be a better fit.

A huge benefit of onsite IT support is its ability to provide hands-off IT management for an organization. Businesses that conduct their IT in-house often run into issues that are time-consuming to resolve, keeping resources juggling business functions and IT concerns and leading to decreased productivity.

By leveraging onsite IT support from a trusted IT provider, non-technical employees don’t have to worry about technical tasks and internal resources can drive business by focusing on revenue-generating initiatives for their company – all while IT maintenance and projects are being handled.

2. Control Costs

Another advantage of onsite IT support is its ability to provide endless cost-saving benefits, perhaps the biggest being able to save travel expenses and overhead costs by utilizing an on-demand network managed by the MSP.

In some cases, businesses can save up to 50% on travel expenses. By taking advantage of your IT provider’s network of technicians, you will not have to spend time and money sending core members of your IT team to remote locations.

Some IT service providers even offer no long-term contracts for onsite services, letting you try their technicians before you make a longstanding commitment. This is ideal if you are needing IT assistance but do not have the budget for a full-time hire.

3. Quick Resolution of IT Issues

When your business is experiencing technical issues and outages, it is imperative they are fixed as soon as possible to minimize downtime, and consequently, profitability for your organization. Depending on the IT service provider’s dispatch process, local resources can be on their way to your location within 24 hours or less, ready to tackle your issues.

By contracting onsite IT services through a reputable service provider, you can rest assured you will be getting knowledgeable and professional technicians that have experience troubleshooting and resolving a wide variety of IT problems. Chances are, your issues are something they’ve dealt with numerous times, so they will be able to take an experience-based approach to your problem.

Typically, IT service providers have the capacity to dispatch multiple technicians at a single time, resolving issues at numerous locations simultaneously. This is far more efficient than internal IT resources traveling from location to location to complete the work.

4. Consistent Support

Additional benefits of onsite IT support include helping your organization streamline and standardize technical processes. Not only will this improve productivity for your end users, but it will help ease the burden on your internal IT team.

When it comes to selecting an IT partner, it is important to choose a company that has proven methodologies and documented processes relating to their onsite support capabilities. One example of this is the service provider having a thorough and regulated dispatch procedure. This will ensure they can take complete ownership and be a partner that provides their customers with consistent support.

Furthermore, garnering IT support from a single point of contact will allow the company and its technicians to become familiar with your site, including the people, infrastructure, and history of technical setbacks. This knowledge will lead to consistent levels of support and a more prompt resolution of your IT issues.


Helpdesk is basically a center point where problems or issues are reported and arranged in an order and organized. From a general perspective, the helpdesk is a complementary part of a service function, and is responsible as a source of solving problems or other issues.
Helpdesk is a department or part of a company that serves or responds to users’ technical questions. The Helpdesk is used to answer client questions. Questions and answers can be submitted by telephone, email, web or fax. There is even helpdesk software that makes it easier for people to quickly run the helpdesk to find general answers.

Helpdesk advantages

The Helpdesk provides the best service to its users and can reduce costs. This is due to the various advantages of using the helpdesk.
1. Helpdesk can provide solutions to questions – questions in a short period of time.
2. Helpdesk can check existing problems and arrange staff distribution.
3. Helpdesk can improve the efficiency of the company in handling customer inquiries and complaints.
4. Helpdesk can provide work reports on the performance development of staff and leaders.
5. The Helpdesk can handle similar questions and complaints as questions and complaints are recorded.


Here are some of the features of the Trelis Desk application:


Unilimited accounts for staff categories that can respond to file attachments based on a previously known knowlege base (articles, categories, searches, etc) and specific files on “Submit a ticket”

Email User Management

E-mail user management is based on an e-mail system error basis.

Distribution of tickets by department

With this feature, all departments can receive support requests and it is not closed to the IT department only. For example, the Supply Chain Management department that handles goods inventory and circulation problems can use this application to handle requests for goods from other departments or branch offices.

Priority ticket

Tickets can be made and given priority whether they are important or casual. Thus the part that receives the ticket can provide support according to the priority level of importance.

Transfer of tickets

Tickets can be transferred to certain staff so that the ticket can be handled by the staff and is responsible for the completion of the ticket.

Setting access rights by group

This application has a level of access that is divided into groups so that it has a good level of security

RSS ticket

We easily create an RSS feed on the ticket which is our responsibility. That way we can easily check if there are any new tickets aimed at us quickly.

Multi Language

By default this application has a display with English. But we can easily translate this application into any other language we want. It is enough to fill in the translation of the sentences used in the application.

Knowledge Base

Have an integrated knowledge base or knowledge base. This make it easier for us to find a settlement step before submitting a ticket. With a feature that provides suggestions of available solutions before we enter the ticket will help increase work efficiency as it reduces the frequency in dealing with the same problem.

And several features, including:
· Ticket departments
· Ticket priority levels
· Canned ticket replies
· Group permissions
· Ticket escalation
· Ticket assignment
· Rich text editor
· Helpdesk RSS feeds
· Ticket attachments
· Skin manager
· Language manager
· Manage articles and categories
· Article ratings and comments
· Smart display of KB articles during ticket submission
· Pipe support emails into your helpdesk
· Email notifications


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